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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a stormy sunday around the bay area. heavy rain, street flooding and a messy drive. the rain also contributed to this scene, the land giving way along the coastline. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. the rain falling and the power out for hundreds as a storm front powers south through the central bay area. that's where the heaviest showers are concentrated at this hour. in a wide band extending from vallejo to pacifica, the latest in a series of storms stacked up offshore, all being steered in the upcoming week toward northern california. as the rain pushes south tonight as much as 1 to 3 inches of rain
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will fall, some of the heaviest in the next few hours now targeting the south and central bay. >> kpix 5 maria medina is in pacifica where the rains are causing all kinds of problems tonight. >> we're standing in the middle of this storm with the heavy rain and wind. take a look at the surf behind me. that's what eats away at the coast little by little and we are expecting waves up to 20 feet high. but we're already seeing the impact of the storm tonight. >> reporter: the first of a series of storms barrelled in sunday, bringing high surf and heavy rain. crews in pacifica worked quickly after waves caused this retaining wall to crumble, threatening to take the sidewalk with it. in mill valley signs warned of flooding caused by the high tide off this park and ride by highway 101. henry hood and his dad came back to their car just in time. >> why get your car dropped off here if you know it's a risk
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when it rains? >> we didn't realize it was pouring rain. >> reporter: flooding is a common occurrence in this area during conditions like today but this is just the beginning of what's to come as more storms roll in. people who live in mill valley say the warning signs are there for good reason. >> people park in the parking lot when they shouldn't because they're not paying attention to the signs and may not realize how high the water gets. i've seen it probably get up to a door handle height at least. >> the whole area has sunk. it's not just the parking lot but the road itself which makes it impassible. >> reporter: the king tides as well as more rain are expected to come in as el nino makes its mark in the bay area. >> just a few miles from where i'm standing is the san andreas fault which cuts through cliffs. that with heavy rains makes this area pretty vulnerable to land slides but of course all we can do is expect the worst and hope for the best and stay indoors if
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you can. >> thank you. mean while in sonoma county a rock slide caused a mess on the roads tonight. on highway 116 west of guerneville one lane was shut down for over three hours. the closure caused major delays on the two-way highway but it's now back open. taking a live look at sfo. steady rain there . the airport reporting delays of one to two hours because of tonight's storm and there will likely be flight delays later in the week when the next storm comes in. as always check with your airline before you head out. they're preparing for the worst in napa. the sand bag station outside memorial stadium was busy today. people say they are not taking any chances. one woman told us she's tried to protect her home from a creek and a ditch that flooded last winter. >> i already have sandbags out but i'm getting extra to put around the house, around the doors and things just in case.
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>> sand bag station is self-service so you'll need to bring a shovel and your own bag. tonight a 1-year-old boy taken from his mother's antioch home has been found safe. police say ricardo sanchez' estranged father grabbed the boy during an argument this afternoon. the child was found at a random home in stockton and is thou being reunited with his mother. investigators say the dad ricardo gomez had threatened to kill the child and mom as he fled. he remains on the loose tonight. it's the first full night of freedom for several americans including a bay area man held hostage in iran. a swiss air force plane carrying three of the former prisoners touched down after dark today in geneva, switzerland. they were allowed to leave as part of a prisoner swap with the u.s. washington post reporter and marin county native jason rezaian was among the former prisoners onboard the plane. he's seen here in a
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photo posted on twitter after his release shaking hands with the state department official. after arriving in geneva the americans were flown to a u.s. air force base in germany for medical check-ups and today president obama spoke about the prisoner exchange and praised the americans. >> they were united and welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who in lonely prison cells have endured an absolute nightmare. but they never gave in and they never gave up. >> it took 14 month of political bargaining to get the americans out of tehran's prison. tonight family members of jason rezaian issued this statement, calling the release, quote, the most fabulous news we've heard in a very, very long time. they went on to say he should be back in the u.s. next week and there will be a huge party at that time. rezaian spent about a year and a half in prison after being charged with fines. developing news out of iraq tonight. the u.s. embassy says several americans are missing. baghdad television is reporting
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three contractors were kidnapped in the capitol. the embassy says it's working with local authorities. nobody has claimed responsibility. meanwhile actor sean penn is speak ing out for the first time since the arrest of el chapo guzman. in an interview with 60 minutes, penn defended his depiction of guzman that was published in rolling stone magazine. >> i was not present to report on the things people would like to see reported on. i was not present at murders. i was not present to see narcotics. what i was present for, i wrote. i wrote that to use it as a pillar for an article about the policy of the war on drugs. >> you're not naive and you knew if sean penn went to see a drug lord on the run and had a conversation with him, with a mexican actress he was smitten with, you knew that the big
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story, you're not naive. and now you're blaming people for wanting to know more about it. it's inevitable. >> no, no, no, no. my problem with people is that they think they know more about it. let's go to the big picture of what we all want. we all want this drug problem to stop and if you are in a moral right or on the far left, just as many of your children are doing these drugs. just as many of your brothers and your sisters, mothers and fathers, teachers at school are doing these drugs. just as many. and how much time have they spent in the last week since this article come out talking about that? 1%? >> there's not much dialogue -- >> my article failed. let me be clear. my article has failed in that everything that's spoken about is everything but what i was trying to speak about.
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i failed that. >> but you're really saying, what i really read is not anything i did. i regret the people misunderstood what i did. >> that's what i'm saying, yeah. >> penn also claims the mexican government wanted to put him at risk with the cartels. on to campaign 2016 now. the democratic presidential candidates clashed tonight on gun control and other issues. weijia jiang with the fireworks at their last debate before the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: under fire from hillary clinton for changing his position on immunity for gun manufacturers, vermont senator bernie sanders shot back at his opponent. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. >> reporter: sanders says he has a d minus report card from the nra but clinton says he has voted numerous times with the gun lobby. >> he voted to let guns go on to amtrak, guns go on to national parks. he voted against doing research to figure
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out how we can save lives. >> reporter: former governor martin o'malley accused clinton and sanders of being inconsistent when it came to gun control. >> i'm the one candidate on this stage that actually brought people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. >> reporter: the candidates fiercely debated who would do the best job reining in wall street. >> you did not go as far as reining in wall street as i would. >> i have a plan that most commentators have said is tougher, more effective and more comprehensive. >> reporter: sanders is leading in the new hampshire polls and he's tied with clinton in iowa. a new poll gives clinton a big edge over the vermont senator nationwide. >> when this campaign began she was 50 points ahead of me. we were all of 3 percentage points. >> reporter: all three candidates are looking for a spark before the iowa caucuses on february 1st.
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weijia jiang, cbs news charleston. >> all three candidates will attend a martin luther king, jr. day event tomorrow morning on the stems -- steps of the south carolina steps. it started out well. >> lift -off from the falcon 9 rocket. >> all happening down in southern california. the rocket was taking a new ocean monitoring satellite in to space. the launch was successful but the spacex experiment to recover the booster failed. it was supposed to land on a drone ship floating in the ocean but instead the booster tipped over because of a problem with its landing gear. spacex hopes to eventually reduce launch costs by reusing rockets, not unlike the space shuttle, rather than having them fall in to the ocean. no answer at 911. still ahead, what distracted the only dispatcher working from one man's emergency call.
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>> high surf hampering the search. a dozen marines missing in hawaii. the clues they found today. >> also more on our bay area storm. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the search will resume in the morning for a ski instructor missing in the sierra. 23-year-old carson may disappeared thursday after becoming separated from his brother while skiing at sugar bowl. a search and rescue team
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is headed to the sierra to help look for him. more than 60 people have been combing an out of bounds area on the slopes where cell phone pings were heard yesterday. may is an experienced skier. falling snow and sleet have made the search for him very difficult. another intense search continues off the coast of oahu tonight. 12 marines remain missing after a midair collision of two military helicopters thursday night. hopes of finding anyone alive are fading. >> reporter: rough seas, waves up to 20 feet high are hampering search efforts. and overnight a coast guard air crew had to briefly change course when a laser was pointed at them. searchers have scourd nearly 13,000 square miles off the north shore of oahu looking for any trace of the marines somewhere in these waters. they found some amount of debris. >> we're still focused on
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hopefully finding survivors. >> reporter: the marines have now released the names of the 12 onboard. the oldest, 41, the youngest, just 21. last night they packed a high school field where lance corporal hart attended. >> it really gives you goosebumps. you think you're going to a game. just as many people are out here showing support. >> reporter: major sean campbell has a wife and four children. the family of captain kevin roshe writes we believe they're doing everything they can to bring kevin and his fellow marines safely home. all 12 remain the target of a desperate search. cbs news, los angeles. snowy weather played a role in a series of deadly axes today. they happened west of kalamazoo and involve 60
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vehicles. cars were pinned up semi trucks that jack-knifed. michigan state police say at least one person was killed and several others were seriously injured. >> out of nowhere i was hit by a semi truck which caused me to spin out, land in a ditch. my husband, i guess he caught the semi truck's tail end caught my husband. it was crazy. >> authorities say heavy snow, high speed, and rediscussed visibility are to blame for the wreck. weather is just in the news tonight. tornados south of tampa leaving two people dead. a twister with winds up to 125 miles per hour picked up a house and carried it across the street. the devastation struck overnight in what used to be homes, just piles of dedebris scattered everywhere. -- debris scattered everywhere. >> we get a lot of heavy winds and storms and it blew like crazy. it was here and gone quick. very quickly. >> ex perts say tornados in
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beach communities are not uncommon but they are more likely to hit during el nino winters. in southern california colossal rains are attracting major crowds. waves steadily increased today, up to 12 feet. the rising tide kept this fram --family moving back. >> they're huge. i keep tell telling -- -i keep telling them to back up. >> the towering waves are expected through tuesday. we're seeing big waves here in the bay area as well. in the north bay rain is the big story. john ramos reports many people were welcoming it. >> reporter: the heavy clouds moving in to the bay area seemed like more of a problem than a threat. true, the park and ride in mill valley was closed for possible flooding and this marin
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fire station near mount sam offered materials to make sandbags. but no one in the north bay was claiming. -- was complaining. >> is it just nice to have a storm to prepare for these days? >> definitely. we have a young daughter and we're telling her about rain. >> reporter: that's right. bob brought his 2-year-old daughter delaura up for a hike in the watershed today to show her what rain is like. >> one of the first times for her. so it's very strange having that experience. but happy to have it back. >> some seem down right giddy about the weather. panoramic highway may not have had much of a panorama today but the parking lot was full as hikers ventured out to view nature in all of its green dripping glory. >> i feel like we've spent a couple years talking about water and wishing for it and wanting the rain. so i'm actually really excited. >> reporter: marin's water system relies on frequent rainstorms on mount tam to refill its series of small
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reservoirs. but it's been a while since hikers at la ganitas lake heard this sound, the sound of water pouring out of the overflow spill way in to the creek below. the drought is far from over. but a soggy day like this was a good reminder to all of us not to take something so precious for granted. >> normally people just complain when it rains but now they don't. >> reporter: in marin county, john ramos, kpix 5. we've got a lot to talk about tonight with plenty of rain on the way for the bay area and numbers mostly in the 50s right now as we overlook sfo and rain down there. they've got heavy rain reported. about 20 minutes ago, concord, 57. all the numbers are in the mid to upper 50s in the bay. mostly light rain expect where you see the heavier cells beginning to move in to the central peninsula in to the east bay. it will soon lower to 580 and out toward the east bay and livermore. you
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can see heavy rains as well moving in to the santa cruz mountains. between now and sunrise it's going to get wet in the south bay. here's how much rain we've had. should say 24 hours. 3/4s of an inch in oakland. in san francisco, .44. and santa rose a has picked up an inch and a third. kent field, an inch and a quarter. napa almost 1.7 inches of rain. here's how it looks on the futurecast. you can see most of this just sweeps through. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00. you can see most of the rain has ended. there will be scattered showers, low level stuff tomorrow morning. there will be fog around. the brunt of the rain is moving through in the wee small hours. now look at 1:00 tuesday morning. we get hit again just in time for the trailing edge of the morning commute. wham. that blows through on tuesday. wednesday we get a break. here's 11:00 in the morning on wednesday morning. clouds tomorrow, more rain tuesday. look at the futurecast also bears this out.
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by tuesday morning at 6 a.m., here are our rain totals. watch what happens as we roll this ahead from tuesday morning through wednesday. wham. you can just see the rain totals really come up to more than two inches in santa rosa. these are totals from now through wednesday at 7:00 at night. 3 inches in the santa cruz moundens. -- mountains. another 2 inches for santa rosa. flash flood watches are posted. another 2 inches of rain possible. focus on the south bay and mountains especially. rock falls, mudslides, debris flows possible. high flood warnings are posted as well with heavy surf taking bites out of the coastline tonight. sneaker wave threats at the shore. storm warnings posted the mountains' lousy visibility. as we look live over san jose you can see in the distance the skies lowering and rain coming as the rain spreads south tonight. showers on monday. rain on tuesday
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. we'll get a break on wednesday then more rain coming in friday. overnight lows will be in the low to mid 50s and for tomorrow we'll manage upper 50s to a few low 60s. for martin luther king, jr. day cloudy with a few scattered light showers. a little bit of a break on monday before we increase the clouds then whamo. tuesday, more rain coming. wednesday, a break. thursday we cloud it up. then friday another big system. a sizable system coming in on friday. right now it looks as if we're going to get a break on saturday and sunday. when things are active like this, looking more than five or six days ahead gets dicy. expect wet especially in the south bay tonight. it is a case of one city and two economies. a new report says that while the ski and snow industry is booming in tahoe, working class neighborhoods are suffering an uneven economic recovery. according to the tahoe prosperity center, under paying jobs, out of reach housing costs, and an aging
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infrastructure are to blame for a town they say is fun to visit but not easy to live in. still ahead, a drug trial goes horribly wrong. the intense investigation in to how it happened. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on game day, what exactly are the 49ers getting with their new head coach? and former raiders ceo on the future of the raiders. >> with respect to 2016, time is of the essence. they need to move quickly. >> the road to the super bowl is down to four teams. ,,,,
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drug trial went horribly wrg in france. a manslaughter investigation is being launched tonight after a drug trial went about as wrong as a drug trial can possibly go. it happened in france, one of the volunteers is dead. five others are in the hospital. three of them may have brain damage. they got sick while taking an experimental pain killer. the trial was started 10 days ago by the company biotrial. 90 volunteers were involved. the hospital running the trial has since contacted the other volunteers. reverend jesse jackson is adding his voice to the growing number of people outraged by the water crisis in flint, michigan. speaking at a baptist church today, the civil rights leader said the people of flint have been betrayed.
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>> we're convinced it's not just an emergency. maybe there should be a duct tape around the city. because flint is a crime scene. >> the problem with the drinking water began in 2014 when the city switched its water source to the flint river to save money. but the corrosive river water wasn't properly treated and stripped lead from pipes. since then many people have been found to have higher levels of lead in their blood. still ahead on this sunday night, he called in a 911 emergency but nobody answered the phone. wait till you hear what the dispatcher was doing instead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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listen to what was going on while someone was trying tol in an emergency in florida. sot-pizza order call: " po's pizz something distracted a 911 dispatcher from doing her job. >> listen to what was going on when someone was calling for an emergency in florida. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza. let me have a lunch special, two cheese pizzas and a coke. let me have the lunch special two pepperonis and a coke. >> a young man had a seizure and passed out in an optometry store. they kept trying to call 911 but no one answered. >> if i called 911, someone should pick up that phone. makes me feel a lot better. >> the man who passed out regained consciousness and was okay. the pizza ordering dispatcher was reprimanded. we'll be right back.
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